среда, 13 января 2010 г.

Happy when on my own

Happiness is the weird thing about this life and people are never common in definition of happiness and happiness stuff. So, let me express my own point of view about happiness. So, I say happiness is when you live on your own and when you are always on your own. I am not a dull person or something; I am just a common person just like millions of other people in this world. Though, there is one thing about me and this may be weird thing for you. I am never happy when surrounded with people. it is not like I hate people or something and it is not like I don’t appreciate them, though I am really happy, I am truly happy only when I am on my own. I like travelling to other cities where my friends leave. I like going there and I like see my friends, though I guess the main reason for me to leave this city and go to another is road. While going to that same city I am alone in the buss and there are no people that know me ad care about me and in case something happens I have to care about me myself. And I can do whatever I want, because there are no people around me.