четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

The happiest people

They are kids the happiest people of this word. They have no worries and they have no duties and no one tells them they must do something and no one demands something from them. They are not involved in all those deep and puzzled features and peculiarities of this life yet ad they see this world as the bland of good and bad only. They see no shades between and that is why they can be happy. In case there is a toy a kid really wants he or she won’t be happy until gets that toy and the very moment kid gets that toy it is happy. And there is nothing more this kid needs, at least yet. Kids are the happiest people in this world because they always know and they want and what they need and they are never chasing for something unknown they have never seen and never heard about, they are happy with this day and with this moment and with these people around them and with this very second. So, people should learn more from kids, they should learn from them how to be happy with this life they have.