четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

Key to Happiness

Happiness, as Aristotle stated is -the virtuous activity of the soul in accordance with reason, or the practice of virtue. Happiness is a very relative as well as very contextual term. The thing that makes you happy today might not make you feel joyous tomorrow. It depends on so many factors. One can only ponder over having said that there are some things that we could do to keep ourselves and the people around us happy.
Studies have shown that having a positive psychology takes you a long way in being happy. Highlighting ones talents and strengths and not thinking too much about your weaknesses has helped people to be happy. This also helps people around you to be happy. There are thousands of studies out there all of which have linked happiness as correlated factor with people around you. Basically it means that happiness spreads across like flu but only good and better.
Being surrounded by people you love and care about also helps you being happy. The happiest people are known to spend very little or no time alone. Staying close to family and friends also helps you to cheer and stay happy for loner.
People who are less materialistic are supposed to be happier than the one who are very materialistic. A study showed that people who care less about earning and spending are happier than the rich materialistic minded ones.
One of the crucial factors which make us happy or sad is making decisions or deeds we do in our daily life. Their contribution to joy or sorrow is obvious. Hence, people who can forgive themselves are happier than the one who hold on to the past and punish themselves for something that happened a long time ago and the worst part is that they can’t do anything about it now.
So, follow these rules, and hopefully you will be happier in life!!..

Profound Happiness

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling such as contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. The profound human quest has been on finding ways to achieve this. People have often turned to philosophical, religious, psychological and biological approaches to attain the profound feeling of contentment.
There are no specific, well defined ways to attain this, but studies have shown that it depends on a lot of different factors.
One of the major factors would be the socio economic environment around us. Studies have often linked happiness with socioeconomic status, marital status, health, income, and others. These are the measurable parameters which can be attained by different materialistic means. Their contribution towards the joy is estimated to be 10% t 15% depending on the people.
More than 50 % of one’s happiness comes from the genes. It has a correlation with the genetic identities of the individual mostly ones family. Studies have also shown that, happiness of the twins and triplets are correlated to their siblings, as much as 40% of it.
Despite these factors, the major factor which is the controlling parameter is one’s own deeds. The actions that one consciously takes will have a greater effect on happiness. If you are not happy with your own actions, then the guilt will override the happiness. With a boost in the physical exertion and in one’s own self confidence are known to increase one’s own well being by a large amount.
It is impossible to measure ones happiness, however you can probably study the state of mind of a person with the help of various techniques like brain scan, EEG or an MRI.

We live fast.

Happiness on the fly is a tight squeeze. However, happiness on the fly is actually a little bit simpler than happiness on the down trodden, so why not give it a try? When we talk about happiness on the fly we mean being able to be happy even in your hectic moments and your speed through life. Sure, it would be nice if you started to slow down a pace or two, but many of us simply don’t have those options lately. You can move quickly and still take moments of complete presentness which in fact leads to happiness. When we are in the moment we find more happiness than when we are flying through our minds to the next problem we might have or the next place we have to be. A fast paced life can be a good stimulator but you won’t find happiness until you learn to look directly at the moment.

Looking ahead to the next moment robs us of our happiness. Sometimes happiness comes in a brief reprieve. We might hear a great song that reminds of something happy or we might smell a fragrance that brings us joy. Either way, if we can’t pause in our minds if not in our bodies and savor the brief moment then happiness is as fleeting as we are. When we stop in our minds no matter where we are and focus only on the moment at hand, we tend to find much happiness there.


Is there an illusion of happiness or is happiness one of those things that feel like an illusion to you? Happiness is really everywhere. All you have to do is walk by a playground and you can practically smell the happiness. And yet we look at the carefree playing of children and determine that those days were nice, but over. Why? Our happiness is not attached to an age. Sure, our teens might have been a little rough but then we wouldn’t be part of the national rite of passage had they not been. Happiness isn’t about being young, it is about being free on the inside.

I read a story about a concentration camp survivor once. He was a man of pure and tender happiness even in the face of terrible tragedy. His fellow Jews felt that his happiness was disrespectful to the loss that encompassed the camp. He simply looked around, his joy apparent, and explained that the Nazi’s could take his home, his family, and his money, but they did not have a right to his happiness.

There is a lot about happiness that we have yet to learn. We do not know exactly what makes us happy but we recognize happiness when it drowns us. We are busy people, and it seems that we are willing to trade our homes, our family, and our money to the corporate world. It seems that many of us are also willing to trade our happiness.

When parents are happy

Happiness has numbers of definitions and descriptions. People are different and so happiness is different for them. Though, I guess the real happiness deals with people we love and care about. Happiness is when your parents are happy. You are happy when you see them smiling and you see them joyful and bright. Happiness is when you know for sure they are okay and they are health and there is nothing that frustrates them. That is what I guess happiness for a number of people is. You see your parents and they are happy. They are happy together and each of them is happy alone and this is when you really feel you have nothing to worry about and everything else is of no importance and you are happy because the dearest people in your life are happy. We are happy when happy those people we love and care about, but in case there is something that hurts them and something that frustrates them, there is no way for us to be happy with our successes and the whole stuff. We need people we love to be happy because otherwise there is no happiness for us.

The matter of personality

Happiness is not like table or pen or something. You can’t see it and you can’t touch it and you can do nothing with it because it is deprived of material surface. It is a mental phenomenon and this is the main trouble about happiness. That is the main reason for why people can’t answer the question what is happiness and they can’t also say if they are happy or they are not. Happiness is something that you can only feel and that is all, but still, even if you are happy how would you know that this feeling inside of you is really happiness but not affection or joy or excitement or something? I guess it is only time that can prove you are right when you say you are happy. Happiness cones and never leaves because it is a feeling that comes when you find something you were looking for. That is the moment when happiness comes and in case you are a wise person this happiness will never leave you. And so, in order to become happy people have to find that precious something they really need but at first they have to figure out what that something is.

Everything clear

There is sometimes a mass in your life. From time to time something comes into our lives and twists everything. One moment this life was perfectly ordered and things were extremely clear and the very next moment everything up-side-down and you can’t realize what is wrong with this life. You make an effort and then another and another but things are the same and they never get clear. At first you think you can fix everything and bring your life to order again but time lapses and things are the same. You whole life turns into mass and there is no even a single idea in your head about how to deal with this mass. It irritates you and soon you can’t even sleep because you don’t feel okay about your life. It used to be like a cozy room and now it is like a ruined city or something. It will take much of you to bring things to order again. You will spend much time for it and much efforts but at last you gonna make it. And when things back to order again and your life is clear and not like a mass you feel satisfied with this life and you are happy.