четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

No allowed to be happy

Happiness is of vitally importance for all people. People want to be happy they need to be happy otherwise there is no point in this life. Why would one need life in case he or she can’t be happy? Life for no feelings or life for sorrow? It is not a life, you know. People want to be happy and they need to be happy, but there are such people who think they have no right to be happy. It is a subconscious knowledge and people may not even know they are sick with this knowledge. As a rule such people forbid themselves to be happy and they follow this rule and find people and events that make them not happy and that depress tem and so on. It happens in case a person was mentally hurt in the very childhood. You know, there are parents who think the best way to make child do something is the way of humiliation or calling for its conscience. And with these actions parents make their children believe they are bad people and they own everything to everyone and they have to pay their depts. for people and they have no right to be happy because they are bad people.