четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

The meaning of life

Those people are happy who know the meaning of this life. They know why they are here and they know what they are doing here. They know the reason for them to wake up in the morning and they know the reason or them to struggle whatever happens. They know the price of this life and they know why they need it. And it is happiness indeed. Those people are happy who know the truth about their lives, though, there is no one common meaning of life for all people and there could not be such a meaning,. This life is huge and this life consists of a number of lives of different people and each of those lives has its meaning. It doesn’t matter which thing is the most important in your life but it matters for you to know for sure that this thing really matters. You can’t live just like that for nothing. It is not life but obligation. It is like you are alive and you must to remain so no matter the fact that you don’t really want it. But, life starts for those people who know the meaning of their lives and they are happy people and they are actually the happiest people in the world.