среда, 13 января 2010 г.

Happiness is right here

People are looking for the happiness during their whole lives. They are chasing that happiness they need though they often fail to find it. And the main reason for why they fail in this search is that they see nothing next to them and they are sights are directed to some other places that are far away. There is nothing there but there are a lot of things around people and all they have to do is to notice those. First of all one have to make up his or her mind about what happiness is and then things will get better and clearer. And when things are clear you can see a lot more than you have seen before and that a lot more may appear to be just the happiness you were looking for. There is nothing behind the horizon people are going too, there is nothing there and they will never get to there, because there is no horizon. Though, unfortunately there are people that really believe in horizon and miracle of it and so they will never stop walking and they may never find that happiness they need. They may never find it because they have lost it before they found it.