четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

The matter of endorphine

When people are happy they want to sing and dance and they write poems or something. They want the whole world to know about this feeling that occupies their souls or whatever it occupies. People say when you are happy it feels like you have wings and you can fly. It is a feeling that is polarity for sorrow and depression and it is feeling that comes from our head. A lot of beautiful words are said about happiness and feeling of happiness and how people feel when they are happy. Though, indeed there is nothing like that at all and happiness is just a matter of endorphine. Endorphines are hormones produced by our brain. Those penetrate our blood and this is when we start feeling happy. It is just a hormone matter and once those hormones are out of pour blood we will feel just the same way we felt before endorphines penetrated into our blood. It is the question of hormones and so there is nothing like wings or something. Those people who are going for sport usually feel happy because physical exercises are a reason for producing of adrenalin that usually results into producing of endorphines. So, sport makes people happy.