четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

When parents are happy

Happiness has numbers of definitions and descriptions. People are different and so happiness is different for them. Though, I guess the real happiness deals with people we love and care about. Happiness is when your parents are happy. You are happy when you see them smiling and you see them joyful and bright. Happiness is when you know for sure they are okay and they are health and there is nothing that frustrates them. That is what I guess happiness for a number of people is. You see your parents and they are happy. They are happy together and each of them is happy alone and this is when you really feel you have nothing to worry about and everything else is of no importance and you are happy because the dearest people in your life are happy. We are happy when happy those people we love and care about, but in case there is something that hurts them and something that frustrates them, there is no way for us to be happy with our successes and the whole stuff. We need people we love to be happy because otherwise there is no happiness for us.