понедельник, 12 октября 2009 г.

Hormone of happiness

Psychiatrists are people who care about everything mental we have but they are the same scholars with others and so they want to realize every mental phenomenon and give a definition for it. And so they made up their minds about the definition of happiness and they say it is not a feeling but the emotion. It comes at once and it may be gone the very next moment or may last for some time. So, a thing we call happiness is just a chemical phenomenon common for our organism. It is provoked by a special hormone we have and that is why we feel happy about something. It is the injection of serotonin in our blood that makes our heart beating faster and that holds our breath sometimes. That is what happiness, at least which is how scholars see it. So, in case you are sad or something you just need more serotonin in your blood and those are fruits that can help you to get it. they are prunes the “happiest” fruits of all known. They are of the highest level of serotonin and they can share ti with you. So, eat more prunes and you will feel better.