четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

We live fast.

Happiness on the fly is a tight squeeze. However, happiness on the fly is actually a little bit simpler than happiness on the down trodden, so why not give it a try? When we talk about happiness on the fly we mean being able to be happy even in your hectic moments and your speed through life. Sure, it would be nice if you started to slow down a pace or two, but many of us simply don’t have those options lately. You can move quickly and still take moments of complete presentness which in fact leads to happiness. When we are in the moment we find more happiness than when we are flying through our minds to the next problem we might have or the next place we have to be. A fast paced life can be a good stimulator but you won’t find happiness until you learn to look directly at the moment.

Looking ahead to the next moment robs us of our happiness. Sometimes happiness comes in a brief reprieve. We might hear a great song that reminds of something happy or we might smell a fragrance that brings us joy. Either way, if we can’t pause in our minds if not in our bodies and savor the brief moment then happiness is as fleeting as we are. When we stop in our minds no matter where we are and focus only on the moment at hand, we tend to find much happiness there.