четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

Key to Happiness

Happiness, as Aristotle stated is -the virtuous activity of the soul in accordance with reason, or the practice of virtue. Happiness is a very relative as well as very contextual term. The thing that makes you happy today might not make you feel joyous tomorrow. It depends on so many factors. One can only ponder over having said that there are some things that we could do to keep ourselves and the people around us happy.
Studies have shown that having a positive psychology takes you a long way in being happy. Highlighting ones talents and strengths and not thinking too much about your weaknesses has helped people to be happy. This also helps people around you to be happy. There are thousands of studies out there all of which have linked happiness as correlated factor with people around you. Basically it means that happiness spreads across like flu but only good and better.
Being surrounded by people you love and care about also helps you being happy. The happiest people are known to spend very little or no time alone. Staying close to family and friends also helps you to cheer and stay happy for loner.
People who are less materialistic are supposed to be happier than the one who are very materialistic. A study showed that people who care less about earning and spending are happier than the rich materialistic minded ones.
One of the crucial factors which make us happy or sad is making decisions or deeds we do in our daily life. Their contribution to joy or sorrow is obvious. Hence, people who can forgive themselves are happier than the one who hold on to the past and punish themselves for something that happened a long time ago and the worst part is that they can’t do anything about it now.
So, follow these rules, and hopefully you will be happier in life!!..