четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

The matter of personality

Happiness is not like table or pen or something. You can’t see it and you can’t touch it and you can do nothing with it because it is deprived of material surface. It is a mental phenomenon and this is the main trouble about happiness. That is the main reason for why people can’t answer the question what is happiness and they can’t also say if they are happy or they are not. Happiness is something that you can only feel and that is all, but still, even if you are happy how would you know that this feeling inside of you is really happiness but not affection or joy or excitement or something? I guess it is only time that can prove you are right when you say you are happy. Happiness cones and never leaves because it is a feeling that comes when you find something you were looking for. That is the moment when happiness comes and in case you are a wise person this happiness will never leave you. And so, in order to become happy people have to find that precious something they really need but at first they have to figure out what that something is.