четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

Everything clear

There is sometimes a mass in your life. From time to time something comes into our lives and twists everything. One moment this life was perfectly ordered and things were extremely clear and the very next moment everything up-side-down and you can’t realize what is wrong with this life. You make an effort and then another and another but things are the same and they never get clear. At first you think you can fix everything and bring your life to order again but time lapses and things are the same. You whole life turns into mass and there is no even a single idea in your head about how to deal with this mass. It irritates you and soon you can’t even sleep because you don’t feel okay about your life. It used to be like a cozy room and now it is like a ruined city or something. It will take much of you to bring things to order again. You will spend much time for it and much efforts but at last you gonna make it. And when things back to order again and your life is clear and not like a mass you feel satisfied with this life and you are happy.