понедельник, 12 октября 2009 г.

Feel like flying

Happiness is too great to be truth. At least that is how it seems sometimes. Though, there was a scholar who said that happiness is not an emotion but feeling it seems like he was wrong. Happiness never lasts for too long and it strikes us and leaves us. Though, those precious moments when we are happy are the most brilliant and marvelous moments of all. This feeling changes everything we have inside and outside. It brings smile on our faces and it makes us dancing or jumping or whatever. And it also changes everything we have inside of us. It makes us forget about everything we had till the very second happiness penetrated our soul. It makes us forget about everything about problems and worries and the whole dull stuff of our life. It even makes us forget about we can’t fly and we are actually flying when we happy. We fly like spirits or something but we don’t fly like birds. Our bodies are on the ground and there are no wing on our backs but everything mental in us is flying. And it is up above the world and the dirt of this world.